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Meet Our Head Staff

We here are Precious Time pride ourselves on offering the best education for our young students while maintaining a safe and family oriented environment. Our highly trained staff are equipped with the knowledge needed to help these young students reach, not only their short term goals but set a foundation for future academic progress as well as lessons in their journey through life.




Orlando Avellaneda  |  Business Operations

With a degree in Business Administration and experience in Customer Service, he is able to efficiently and accurately run the  operations to maintain Precious Time Childcare and Learning Center a part of our community. He is in constant communication with the entire staff to make sure that the goals of the school are being met.


Julie de la Peña  |  Community Liaison

With a  masters degree in Family Marriage Therapy, Julie de la Peña is committed to lending a helping hand in our community. Her goal is to integrate the Precious Time Family into our diverse community. With her vast experience in the field and ambitious goals, she believes that we can all make a positive impact in our society.



Olga Lidia Gonzalez  |  Director

With many 20 years of teaching and managing experience, Olga Gonzalez brings to the table is priceless. With a nurturing , motherly approach she is able to successfully and effectively communicate with the specific needs of each of her students.  She is a great leader and goes by the motto: “No matter how old we are, we learn something new each and every day!”



Maria San Martin  |  Curriculum Specialist

Having over 30 years of teaching experience Maria San Martin has studied many different types of curriculums throughout her teaching career. Certified with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, makes her the perfect match to evaluate and implement the necessary teaching strategies for optimal student success.  Through her extensive knowledge in the field of education and her ability to train our current staff, she provides the program with a strong educational foundation.