Precious Time Childcare & Learning Center in Miami Lakes (305) 817-4373





Our Facility


Location:  17601 N.W. 78 Ave. Suite 101,  Miami, FL 33015

Phone: (305) 817-4373

Fax: (305) 817-4353

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


We provide services for children between the ages of 8 months to 6 years old.

Our programs Include: Pre-K (VPK), Kindergarten, After school, Summer Camp.





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Beautiful Classroom Environments

All classrooms are age appropriate with a private restroom and cubbies for students to store their personal items. Classrooms are cleaned and inspected daily to ensure a healthy and safe environment for your child. Also included are computer labs, updated with childhood learning programs and monitored by trained staff.

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Fun and Safe Playgrounds

Students access the playground through their classrooms using a private backdoor at recess time and also used as an emergency exit. Each age group is provided with their own age appropriate section. The playground is enclosed by a childproof locked 10′ foot metal fence ensuring your child’s safety.

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Healthy Meals from a Clean Kitchen

Our kitchen is a fully stocked commercial kitchen that is cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis. We provide  healthy balanced meals assisted by the Child Care Food Program. All meals are properly stored, cleaned and cooked on site before serving to ensure warm, healthy and fresh meals every time.





Safety & Security

We understand the importance of your child’s safety while being under our supervision. For this reason our facility is equipped with sate of the art safety features that help us protect your child while providing you with peach of mind. All of our parents and guardians as well as staff receive a unique code which allows the parent or guardian to enter and exit the facility. With this code the administration is able to see when and who picked up & dropped off the child.


In addition to the system we also have 24 hr. surveillance cameras. But most important of all we are a school that operates with an open door policy. Our open door policy provides the parent and & authorized guardians with the ability to come in and out of the facility throughout the day.